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Healing Heart Medium




About Me

Who am I?

My name is Ginger. I am a Psychic Medium. I have been connected to the spirit world since birth. I am a Healer. I have always had a strong passion to assist those in need. Wether it is a baby bird that had fallen out of the nest or a parent grieving the loss of a child.  

I have always had a keen sense of what was around me. I have been blessed with gifts that allow me to tap into your Aura and to tap into the spirit world. I struggled at a young age to understand why and what all of this was and why I felt different. So my search began.

 My passion is Holistic Health. I work in  Allopathic Medicine as a nurse. My studies include Aromatherapy, Reiki, Crystal healing, Reflexology, Auricular therapy, Flower Essences and Western Herbalism. I also spent several years studying with renowned Psychic/Mediums and spiritual teachers to learn more about my gifts and how to use them to serve. It was during all of these  amazing ancient healing modalities I found myself  and my life purpose. 


Why choose me?

I practice with integrity. Having the ability to be a psychic/medium is a gift. I honor that gift. I am grateful you chose me to assist you find the answers, bring peace to your heart. Our lives  and circumstances around us change with every breath we take. 

My wish for you.....

Is that I can assist you to find direction and guidance.  My wish is to bring thru your loved ones messages to you. My wish is that you find balance and peace in  your life.